Bringing Back the City Sports Family

City Sports 2.0. is making the leap! I’m sure you are just as excited as we are to watch City Sports make it back onto the scene this Fall. From the boot straps up, “City Sports 2.0.” is running again– aiming to bring back the same name that grew to mean much more than some place to buy your athletic gear…

The focus this time around is on “fun fitness”, in the realm of training, playing and exploring. Whether our athletes are focused on running, yoga, or everyday sports, our goal is to make our active urban athletes be the best they can be. This Fall we want to provide the after-hour support and fun involvement in our metropolitan areas by bringing back group fitness training, demos, and helpful information on our social platforms as we move towards opening our stores.

What do we need from you? Our promise is to be engaged with our new and long-time followers to get your feedback on what you would like to see this coming Fall and Spring so we can help you achieve the active lifestyle you’re looking for. We are dedicated to finding what our athletes love most from apparel and equipment to marathon training groups and sponsored events. Let’s have some fun creating what would be the best way to enjoy our active, city lives and connect in new ways. As the first store opening in New Jersey is soon to come, with Boston and Philly soon to follow, be on the look-out for local pop-ups and group meet-ups by following us on Instagram @citysports and on our Facebook page so you make can sure you stay in the loop. And remember…we ALWAYS want to hear from you!

Stay active, friends!

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