Getting Over Your First 26-Mile Finish Line

As we approach three of the largest Marathons in the United States taking place this fall in our own metropolitan areas, New York City, D.C., and Philadelphia, with only a 6 month countdown until the Boston Marathon, the excitement grows for returners and newcomers taking on these 26-mile challenges. It is a dream for many of us to join these newcomers and multiple-timers as … [Read more...]

In the Mind of a Strength-Conditioning Coach

Photo: Teddy O’Connor with winner of 2016 Heisman Trophy, Lamar Jackson. Beach season may be coming to an end... but no reason why achieving your fitness goals should be any harder. Finding the proper balance in your everyday activity and lifestyle, along with setting appropriate goals to keep you motivated, is the key to success. As this is most often a constant … [Read more...]

Bringing Back the City Sports Family

City Sports 2.0. is making the leap! I’m sure you are just as excited as we are to watch City Sports make it back onto the scene this Fall. From the boot straps up, “City Sports 2.0.” is running again- aiming to bring back the same name that grew to mean much more than some place to buy your athletic gear… The focus this time around is on “fun fitness”, in the realm of … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Why You Should Love Spin

As we move into fall, it’s time to start searching for an indoor workout routine for when you get bored of jogging on the treadmill. We all know how old that can get. If you aren’t a regular spinner already…you definitely should consider checking out a cycling club as a way to get your sweat on in your city! And when we say sweat, we mean SWEAT. There’s so many benefits to … [Read more...]

City Sports Gift Card Exchange Program

We get emailed several times a day with a variety of questions: 1. How many miles can I get out of my shoes? 2. What do you recommend for tight IT bands? 3. Do I REALLY have to workout today? 4. How do I use my City Sports gift card/merchandise credit from the old City Sports? We can easily answer the first three (1. About 400 miles. 2. Foam rolling and dynamic … [Read more...]