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What is Gait Analysis for runners?

Author: Tim Betz, Assistant Store Manager, Baltimore MD What is gait analysis for runners? Gait analysis is a close look at your gait—the way your feet and legs move when you take a step. After analyzing your gait, our footwear specialists can guide you to the shoes best suited for your feet. What is pronation? […]

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How to choose the right (or left) sock!

Author: Greg Stabile, City Sports Apparel Buyer Walk into any sporting goods or running store and you will notice an explosion in choices when it comes to socks. For such a core item that has been around for centuries, it’s hard to believe that there has been so much innovation just in the last few […]

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Best Running Routes – NYC

Author: Elizabeth deSimas Schuellein, Store Manager, City Sports 48th Street, NYC Central Park Central Park is accessible from the Upper East and West sides of Manhattan. We use the park on each of our Run Club evenings here at 48th Street! Its flexibility is amazing. You can run a 3 mile loop, 5 miles or keep […]

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Best Running Routes – Baltimore, Maryland

Author: Cassidy Shepherd, Marketing Coordinator “B’more is about Running” Whether you are in town for the night or a Baltimore local, the Charm City has some of the best running routes on the East Coast. Starting at historic Fort McHenry, enjoy some of the “sole” of the city with a one-mile loop that surrounds the fort. […]