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New York City Marathon: Course Map + Tips

The pinnacle of the fall marathon season is here: the New York City Marathon! On Sunday, November 1, 50,000 runners will line up on Staten Island to start their race. The 26.2 mile journey will pass through each of New York City’s five boroughs. Non-New Yorkers can rejoice: this will be the one time you […]

How to Trail Run in 3 Easy Steps

How to Trail Run in 3 Easy Steps

Growing tired of the asphalt? Head to the trails! Trail running offers an amazing alternative to city sidewalks and busy intersections. It’s got nature, dirt, and a laid-back community of runners. Like road-racing, you’ll find races of all distances, from 5K to 100K (and longer!). The best thing about trail running is that going your […]

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2015 NYC Marathon Events at City Sports

Join City Sports to celebrate the NYC Marathon by participating in some awesome events leading up to the big race!   FREE New Balance NYC Marathon Tee Giveaway When: Friday, October 30th All Day Where: City Sports 48th Street & City Sports 50 Broadway Try on any pair of New Balance footwear and receive a […]

Improve with CoachUp private coaching

Midseason Slump? CoachUp to the Rescue!

You started this season with big goals. Place top three. Be your team’s top scorer. Lead in rushing yards. Not quite on track towards hitting those goals? Private coaching can help. CoachUp, an online platform and app that connects athletes to private coaches, makes it easy to hone that extra technique, that extra speed, that […]

Our buyer's picks for hiking

What to Wear on a Hike: 5 Must-Have Styles

  Hiking gear is not all flannel and cargo pants. Our very own Merchandising Manager, Lauren Blanda, shared her picks for key fall hiking styles with Boston Magazine. Layer on these styles to stay warm and dry on the trail, and on the city sidewalks. From Head to Toe, 5 Must-Have Hiking Styles 1. Lightweight Wool […]